Personal Loans for Salaried UAE Nationals in Sharjah from CBI 

Interest Rate: 2.62%

Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 10,000
Arrangement fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Late payment fee: 2% of the delayed amount, minimum being AED 50 and maximum AED 200
Deferment of instalment: AED 100 per deferment
Early settlement fee: 1% of outstanding balance
Partial payment fee: 1% of the partial payment amount
Loan top up fee: 1% of the top up amount; Minimum AED 500, Maximum AED 2,500
Loan rescheduling fee: AED 250
Loan cancellation fee: AED 100
Salary transfer: Needed

Personal Loans for Salaried UAE Nationals from CBI in Sharjah

CBI Sharjah provides financial support to its customers who are UAE Nationals to improve their living standards. Affordable interest rates, flexible repayment options and a large loan amount that depends on your income make the CBI personal loan unique and convenient to the UAE Nationals.
Checking account where you don’t have to maintain minimum balance, free global debit card and credit card with low rates of interest, early sanction of the loan and top-up loan in case of need are the special features of the CBI personal loan in Sharjah.
You need to submit your latest pay slip, proof of residential address, copy of your passport and visa, and bank account statement along with the loan application form. The bank quickly sanctions your loan provided you fulfill all their requirements.
Maximum amount of AED 500,000 as personal loan from CBI is possible but this depends on your monthly earnings and your employer.

CBI UAE National personal loans

Ever since its establishment in 1991 in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Commercial Bank or CBI has always been a trustworthy and friendly banker to its customers ranging from lone individuals to large corporates. The principal objective of the bank is to build long-term relationships with its customers through efficient handling of financial dealings. The Banker Middle east Industry awards conferred the award of “the fastest growing bank in the UAE” on CBI in 2013

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Seeking CBI personal loans for salaried UAE Nationals in Sharjah is a simple process. Fill in the form on this page to apply for one and very soon a representative will reach out to you.