Personal Loans for UAE Nationals in Sharjah from NBAD 

Interest Rate: 2.74%
Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 7000
Processing fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Early repayment fee: 1% of outstanding amount
Salary transfer: Needed
Insurance fee: 1% of the loan amount

Personal Loans for UAE Nationals from NBAD in Sharjah

If you are a UAE National, you are likely to get a personal loan of up to AED 5 million from NBAD in Sharjah based on your income. With low interest rates, free credit card, overdraft option, simple procedure for applying for a loan and zero balance in your checking account are the perks you get for being a NBAD Sharjah loan customer.
The requirements for seeking a personal loan from NBAD in Sharjah are your employment in a NBAD-listed company and transfer of your salary to NBAD.

NBAD Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

NBAD is the largest and one of the most popular banks in the UAE. Started in 1968, NBAD has seen a huge development from a humble beginning by its sheer efforts and committed service. The bank’s innovative approach to developing a wide variety of financial products and services in the investment, retail and Islamic banking sectors has transformed it into what it is today.

Sharjah – Modern yet traditiona

You will find a host of attractions in Sharjah such as huge shopping centers and cultural spots like museums, theaters, art galleries and concert halls. Even though Sharjah has developed into a modern society today with a large section of people from across the globe co-existing, it still retains a rich and traditional Bedouin history that you will witness here.
NBAD loans for nationals come in handy during emergencies. Make the most of the reasonable interest rates and a sizable loan amount by filling in the form on this page and applying for one.