Personal Loans for UAE Nationals in Sharjah from UNB

Interest Rate: 3.46%

Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary of AED 10,000
Arrangement fee: 1% of loan amount with a minimum of AED 500 and maximum of AED 2500
Salary transfer: Needed
Early settlement fee: 1% of outstanding amount
Insurance fee: 0.9% of the loan amount

Personal Loans for UAE Nationals from UNB in Sharjah

Guarantee to address your financial needs is certain when you request a personal loan for UAE Nationals from UNB in Sharjah. Known by another name, Al Tawoos, the UNB loan offers a maximum loan of 4,500,000 at reasonable interest rates, free credit card and installment deferment option for 4 times in a year. You need to submit your salary certificate, passport and visa copies and proof of your residence and you are on your way to becoming a UNB customer.

UNB Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Established as a Public Joint Stock Company, UNB began its operations in the UAE with Abu Dhabi as its headquarters. The bank is governed by the Central bank of UAE. The primary aim of UNB is to make the UAE Nationals empowered financially to help them achieve sustained social and economic growth. “The Bank that cares” is the tagline that describes UNB and it is very appropriate as the Bank offers excellent customer service through all its branches across the UAE. 

Sharjah – Improving Economy

An example to all countries developing and developed, the United Arab Emirates are a stand-alone example of how to become a financially stable economy while also providing great options for people looking to start or expand their business. Having diversified the areas that offer greater scope for progress in the recent years, Sharjah is slowly proving to become economically stronger on par with the more popular Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

UNB loans for nationals are ideally suited for debt consolidation or simply smart investments. Make the most of the reasonable interest rates and a sizable loan amount by filling in the form on this page and applying for one.