Personal Loans for UAE Nationals in Sharjah from Doha Bank  

Interest Rate: 6.6%
Tenor: 48 months
Eligibility: Minimum salary
Processing fee:
Salary transfer: Needed
Early repayment fee:
Partial payment fee:
Insurance fee:

Personal Loans for UAE Nationals from Doha Bank in Sharjah

Moderate interest rates and long repayment schedules are the special features of the Doha Bank loans for UAE Nationals in Sharjah. Both the application and processing are simple procedures and this is helpful when you need a personal loan in an emergency. You could also request for a loan top-up facility in case of urgent requirement of funds. If you have paid a specific number of loan repayments, you are likely to enjoy repayment holidays too.

Doha Bank Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Doha Bank enjoys the reputation of being the largest commercial bank in Qatar. With two fully operative branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi opened one after the other in 2007, a representative office of the bank was opened in Sharjah in November 2013. Its excellence in innovative banking practices has won the bank several awards. Superior banking solutions offered to customers in the retail, investment and commercial sectors are the exclusive features of Doha Bank.

Sharjah – Religion

Islam is the official religion of Sharjah and the whole of the United Arab Emirates, the majority of the population being Sunni Muslims. Week-end falls on Friday which is considered a holy day with offices, schools and colleges remaining closed on this day.

Doha Bank loans for nationals come in handy during emergencies. Make the most of the reasonable interest rates and a sizable loan amount by filling in the form on this page and applying for one