Credit Cards in Sharjah

Trends in Sharjah credit cards

Credit cards in Sharjah are fast becoming the “in thing” of the day owing to the shifting life style trends in Sharjah. This is because of the ease of use, attractive features and the multitude of privileges the credit cards offer.

How credit cards in Sharjah work

The issuing bank tracks the card holder’s monthly purchases made using their card so as to bill them at the end of that particular month.

Eligibility for credit cards in Sharjah

These are the basic requirements to be met in order for applicants to be sanctioned new credit cards in Sharjah:

  • National ID card
  • Latest bank statement
  • Salary certificate
  • Good credit history
  • Latest utility bill bearing the applicant’s name.

Types of credit cards in Sharjah

Visa credit card is accepted worldwide and is the most preferred option for many users as well as retailers. Besides this, banks in Sharjah issue other cards such as Classic, Titanium and Platinum. They come bursting with VIP privileges for those who embrace the niceties of life. They offer:
Exclusive discounts at health clubs
Entertainment and dining concessions
Rewards for flight ticket bookings

Fees charged on all credit cards in Sharjah

Enrolment charges, cash withdrawal fee, over-the-limit charges and late payment fee are some of the fees charged by the banks when you have a Sharjah credit card.

Effective management of credits cards in Sharjah

  • Transact within your card limit
  • Track your card transactions as and when you make purchases for this will let you know if any unauthorized transaction is taking place in your card account
  • Pay your card bill promptly and in full in order to maintain a good credit standing as well as to save on huge interest that you will otherwise have to incur by making part payments
  • Use the SMS and email alerts to update yourself with all your transactions
  • Keep your credit card pin safe and secretive

Balance transfer

Many banks issuing credit cards in Sharjah offer this facility. When your credit card debt is out of control, the balance transfer facility offers timely help letting you heave a big sigh of relief.

Airline credit cards in Sharjah

Airline credit cards are tailored to enhance the traveling experience of card holders both locally and internationally. They come with following privileges:
Whenever you use your credit card to buy air tickets or book hotel accommodation, you gain air miles
You may redeem points by purchasing air tickets or making hotel reservations using your credit card

MoneyGulf comes to your rescue

You only need to approach MoneyGulf before applying for a new credit card in Sharjah and you would be able to avoid running from pillar to post analyzing the pros and cons of the various credit cards issued by the Sharjah banks. On hearing from you, a MoneyGulf representative will be at your doorstep to offer advice regarding the best Sharjah credit card in order to provide you with some reliable financial support in times of crisis.